HW Prescription service will not prescribe medication for insomnia, mental health issues (anxiety and depression) or unlicensed use of a product including painkillers.

Health is Wealth

At HW Prescription Service you secure a medical consultation with a GMC licensed DOCTOR who can write your prescriptions for certain conditions. Our affiliated online pharmacies will then fill and ship your medication private and discreet to your home or office.
Medical records and Identification are required to use our services. HW Prescription Service and its partners provide the most comprehensive online medical care available.
HW prescription service can help provide private prescriptions when you cannot see your own doctor or obtain an NHS prescription (i.e. extended visit overseas, emergency travel).

How do we accomplish this?
HW utilizes the services of experienced GP's in the UK. This is the fastest and most secure means for you to get your prescription for your medication online. After consultation Health is Wealth will forward your prescription to one of our partner pharmacies in the UK for dispensing.

Please note that the cost of your prescription does not include the cost of the medication. Your prescription medication will need to be purchased at the pharmacy

Get a Prescription
Online Doctor Consultation Simply register online, order your prescription and One of our GMC Approved Doctors will approve your prescription.

Order a Repeat Prescription

Already Registered? Simply login and review your available repeat prescription. You can also check the status of your Prescription and amend personal details if desired.

HW Prescription services provide its services in close affiliations with a number of UK registered online pharmacies.